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  • image shows a Swedish Valborg bonfire

    #129 From Valborg Fires to Friendly Faces

    It’s a two for one special today! We’ve got Lee and Alan, both from the UK. We chat about Valborg, defend Systembolaget and share some tips on meeting people through […]

  • Burn the winter away!

    Valborg burns everything away. Winter, cold and viruses.

  • #22 The Stockholm Writers Festival

    Catherine, the organizer of the Stockholm Writers Festival, talks to us about the upcoming festival, Valborg and Eurovision (yes, it’s soon!)

  • Drinking wine and eating a baguette on bonfire night

    Yes, we take a lot of trips. At the moment, we are in Paris. You may say, “How come you can travel so much? Don’t people work in Sweden?” The […]

  • Valborg

    Today is Valborg.  This is the holiday in Sweden where people build bonfires to burn off the winter branches to welcome in the spring (or something like that).  Personally, I […]

  • Valborg

    Today is a half-day holiday in Sweden – Valborg! Valborg is a holiday to welcome the coming of Spring by burning all the dead branches in giant bonfires.  Of course […]