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  • Happy American Mother’s day

    It’s not Mother’s day yet in Sweden, but for all in the U.S., here’s a message from me and Mr. T:    

  • Mask on Your Face

    Bored? There’s a whole internet full of public domain and Creative Commons material for you to remix and make into “viral” (pun indended) videos.

  • Why I hate online video news

    Why does every news story I click have to have a video automatically start playing with the report? I just want to read what happened and move on! I don’t […]

  • Super Awesome Travel Video (or what I do when I’m bored)

    Some friends of mine are going to Nice in April and asked if I had any tips. I decided to make them this handy 1-minute travel video. I think I […]

  • Customs video FAIL

    As usual, when we arrived in the U.S. last month, we were subjected to a special video that re-played every three minutes while we waited in the long line at […]

  • Cooking with dog

    No, wait…. not what you think…. My husband wanted to make his own dumplings yesterday, so he went to YouTube to find a good instructional video. This is the video […]