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  • image shows a pitcher of flowers

    #125 Summer Stories Part One

    In this special summer edition, we find out how former guests Adam from Australia, Matteo from Argentina and Diana from Latvia spend their summers, both in Sweden and around the world.

  • 2022

    Why have I forgotten to write anything in 2022? Find out!

  • image shows bags of Estrella chips

    #96 All Things Swedish and Scottish

    We talk to Lee from Scotland about kilts, dogs, vegetarian haggis and his frustration with Estrella chips.

  • #54 I Was Told There Would be Snow

    Jenny, from Costa Rica, talks about the mild winter this year, the troubles of finding a job in another country, and sloths.

  • #52 I Never Learned to Ski

    Today we learn about the best weather apps, how to travel cheap, whether office massages are good or bad, and of course, restaurant tips.

  • It’s raining iguanas

    I wonder if the app on my phone has an iguana emoji on the weather report?

  • #44 Turn at the Robot

    Samantha, from South Africa, runs Girl Gone International, an online group for expat tips and meetups. We talk language mistakes, getting out of your shell and of course, food!

  • #16 When Stairs Become Slides

    This week I talk to Ola, from Poland, about dubbing shows in other languages, the difference in Polish names and how to avoid ending up on crutches during the winter. […]

  • Sweden – your new beach destination!

    It’s HOT! Really hot! And you know it must be bad coming from someone who grew up in Texas and just got back from a vacation there. We’ve had a […]

  • It’s like riding a bicycle

    I was talking to another parent in my son’s class about the weather being so snowy and icy outside that it was hard to walk anywhere without falling. The other […]

  • Refrigeration not necessary

    I brought a sandwich to work in a refrigerated bag with an ice clamp just to make sure my cheese would stay fresh. Did I forget I live in Stockholm […]

  • Swedish Summer with no A/C – A poem

    The miniscule electric fan heaves to push tiny breaths of air into the sweltering abode Beads of sweat pour down my neck As I wrap my lengthening hair in my […]

  • Understanding Swedish

    Attention all tourists and newcomers to Sweden who wonder what everyone is saying in Swedish.  Let me translate: It’s always about the weather. If a Swede is talking next to […]