Halloween is the 31st!

As usual, I like to complain each year about Sweden not understanding that Halloween is one day, not a week or 2 weeks.  It also never falls in November.

Most Swedes just find the closest weekend to celebrate which normally ends up being in November.  This just doesn’t work for we Americans.  Halloween is ONE DAY.  Once it turns November, we are magically not in a Halloween mood anymore.  Novemeber has nothing to do with Halloween.

Of course we are invited to a Halloween party on November 1 this year.  It’s nice to actually get to go to a party and I’m sure it will be fun.  My plan is to set the clock so that October 31 runs 48 hours and I can enjoy the party without wondering why I’m dressed as a zombie in November.



4 Replies to “Halloween is the 31st!”

  1. the muscleheaded blog

    Hahahaha… I remember a controversy when I was a kid of whether Halloween was to be celebrated on October 30 ( a Sunday that year ) or October 31 ( a school night ) — we went both nights !!! 😀

    • hjonasson

      That’s true! I remember when there would be arguments about Halloween falling on a school night, but I still think on days like today (a Thursday) that most people would have parties last weeked where it would still be in October. November – that’s just wrong.

      • the muscleheaded blog

        hahahaha… well, I agree with you, for sure.
        I’m also very tired of Santa and Christmas commercials already — and when the local radio station starts playing 24 hour Christmas music on November 01, I’m gonna make my annual slide into semi-insanity. LOL

  2. hjonasson

    Ha ha! At least they don’t have the decorations up here yet, but they did start selling the Christmas soda drink and special Christmas buns about 3 weeks ago. I refuse until to partake until December 1.

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