July 19, 2016

My children are brought to you by …

One drawback of having children in Sweden who NEVER see t.v. commercials is that they become quite overwhelmed by them when we visit the U.S. After about a week, my youngest was saying things like, “This breakfast today is sponsored by…” and “Brushing my teeth is brought to you by …”

I guess I should be glad they are adapting to the customs and language.



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4 Responses

  1. Andy says:

    They don’t have tv commercials?

    • hjonasson says:

      On the government kids channel, there are none. If you have extra cable, those channels may have a few, but not many. One of the grown-up stations has commercials but not the other 2. Again, with cable, there are plenty, but we didn’t bother with that until very recently. Otherwise they watch Netflix and downloads.

  2. The ideal would be to keep them away from American TV altogether. Yow- it’s just gotten worse !